Moe Serifu Agent

Cuteness & Curiosity


First Board Meeting

The circle has officially begun to spin the wheels of progress! Just this week, Moe Serifu Circle held its first meeting of the Board of Directors. It’s been a great few months with people coming seemingly out of the woodwork to volunteer their services towards making Masa-chan a real application. This first meeting had us discussing a variety of exciting topics for the near future of the circle. The long and short of it is that we are on a timeline to have all of our business paperwork in within the next month.

Website Is Live

As of today, the Moe Serifu Agent project website has gone live! We are now up and running at the oh-so-cute .moe TLD, and with our new URL we now have a place to slap on project promotions. We’re now going be jumping right in to that as we launch our first promotion campaigns. Just in time, too; we have our first recruitment presentation tomorrow!

Site Creation

At this point, the first unit of work on the main website is complete. The primary design is finished, and now we only need to do a bit more work on the supplementary pages. The good news is that all of this can now be done without further work from high-powered graphics programs. To be completely honest, this post is intended as a test for the upcoming blog pages and index.