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Site Creation

At this point, the first unit of work on the main website is complete. The primary design is finished, and now we only need to do a bit more work on the supplementary pages. The good news is that all of this can now be done without further work from high-powered graphics programs.

To be completely honest, this post is intended as a test for the upcoming blog pages and index. This, along with the first test post (which may be deleted by the time you’re reading this) will help to give an idea of what the primary content will look like. Though, in my opinion, it’s a little bit better than just straight-up lorem ipsum text; this post has real, actual news information in it.

A concern that we’ve come across while doing the web design work is the upscaling solution used by Retina displays on newer Macs, which causes all current images on this website to have a slight bit of blurriness on them. After some investigation, we found that other websites seem to have gotten around this by doubling the size of their images, and keeping them scaled down via size attributes. This sounds extremely hacky, but maybe it’s the only way to go. It warrants future investigation, but for now, the number one priority is to get the main site up.

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