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(Interim) Board Meeting Summary - 2018-03-31

Members in Attendance

  • Rebecca Nelson, President (Interim)
  • Nathan Spanier, Treasurer (Interim)
  • Tonglin Chen, Board Member (Interim)
  • Jack Hedlund-Fay, Member


New Board Member, Jack Hedlund-Fay

Called for vote on making Jack a board member; passed unanimously. Jack is now a board member, effective immediately.


Nate reports no changes from last meeting.


Bylaws are complete, recommend looking over it and vote it in as first act once legally incorporated. Rebecca posted link to draft to Discord.

Name Reservation

Rebecca reported that it completed successfully; Moe Serifu Circle is now reserved with the MN Secretary of State.


Still missing secretary. Rebecca called for volunteers, and pointed out that if we think of any good candidates, we should not hesitate to recommend them.

Articles of Incorporation

All members reviewed the articles of incorporation and voted to approve them as well as to file them once the registered agent was set up. Votes:

  • Rebecca N: Aye
  • Nathan S: Aye
  • Tonglin C: Aye
  • Jack H: Aye

Registered Agent

Nate brought up that his lawyer in North Dakota might be able to offer registered agent services, but it was decided not to pursue this option because the lawyer resides in North Dakota and Rebecca had already found an online agent. Voted to enroll in registered agent services with online service:

  • Rebecca N: Aye
  • Nathan S: Aye
  • Tonglin C: Aye
  • Jack H: Aye

Filing for Incorporation

Already approved during motion to approve Articles of Incorporation. No further business / voting was necessary on the topic.

Rebecca Nelson brought up legal transfer and noted that it should be one of the first acts of board once incorporated.

Tonglin Chen Resignation

Tonglin brought up that he would like to step down as a board member, citing concerns with visa status. Resignation went into effect; Tonglin Chen is no longer a board member, though he is of course welcome to continue to participate in the meetings as well as all other activities of the organization.

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