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(Interim) Board Meeting Summary - 2018-01-09

Members in Attendance

  • Rebecca Nelson, President (Interim)
  • Connor Norton, Vice President (Interim)
  • Nathan Spanier, Treasurer (Interim)
  • Tonglin Chen, Board Member (Interim)


Mission Statement

Draft text: “To promote and advance the science and research of personal assistant computing technology in order to help create a sustainably free ecosystem that improves all aspects of personal life.”

Nate brought up the fact that this should be restricted to the non-profit entity exclusively, and that the wording was not suitable for use with any for-profit ventures. Rebecca acknowledged this and further clarified that Moe Serifu Circle is indeed only interested in pursuing a non-profit purpose, and that any for-profit activities are outside of its domain.

Discussed three goals in order to fulfill the mission statement:

  1. “Research and develop a free personal assistant platform, sufficient for use both as a finished product in and of itself as well as a foundation upon which future scientific research can be done.” Discussed how this goal applied to the software development of the Moe Serifu Agent platform.

  2. “Protect the public freedom to use the platform and related intellectual properties both for personal use and scientific research.” Discussed how this goal applied to the licensing model of the Moe Serifu Agent platform.

  3. “Advocate for the use of the platform via promotion within relevant communities.” Discussed how this goal applied to the distribution and advertisement of the Moe Serifu Agent platform within online communities, and particularly to be mindful of what kind of advertising is done at what times in order to maintain a pristine image for the platform.

Voted on adoption of the Mission Statement & Primary Goals as drafted:

  • Rebecca N: Aye
  • Connor N: Aye
  • Nathan S: Aye
  • Tonglin C: Aye

Vote passed with unanimous ratio; Moe Serifu Circle has now adopted the new mission statement.

Roadmap for Future Changes

Discussed upcoming goals and progress.

Name Reservation

Rebecca will file name reservation form with the MN secretary of State within one week.

Prior to the submission of the name reservation form, Connor will perform trademark-use research on the term “Moe Serifu Circle” to ensure that we are not infringing, with the understanding that though he will do his best to act in the best interest of the circle, Connor is not a legal professional and that any advice he gives regarding this topic cannot be construed as legal advice.

Articles of Incorporation

Rebecca will complete a draft of the Articles of Incorporation within two weeks from the date of the meeting, which will then be subject to approval by the interim board of directors.

Registered Agent

Registered agent is necessary prior to incorporation. Rebecca noted that registered agent services can be purchased fairly cheaply at around $99 per year.

Connor noted that we may be able to get some help with this from an acquaintance who is a legal student, and will reach out to him. He will contact him during the next MAS meeting at the U of M.


Rebecca will complete a draft of the Bylaws within three weeks from the date of the meeting, which will then be subject to approval by the newly instantiated board of directors once the organization is incorporated with the Secretary of State.


As interim Treasurer, Nathan Spanier will take over all financial history documents from Rebecca Nelson. Rebecca will send him all current documentation.

Filing for Incorporation

Once a registered agent is set up, and the articles of incorporation is drafted and approved, Rebecca will submit the incorporation paperwork with the MN Secretary of State. Planned for next month.

Filing for IRS Tax Exemption under 501©(3)

Rebecca suggested that MSC hold off on submitting paperwork for federal tax-exemption.

Nate requested clarification on why Moe Serifu Circle should hold off on submitting 501©(3) exemption determination request, Rebecca noted the history of open-source organizations requesting 501©(3) as well as the cost.

No decision was reached, will be brought up in future meeting.

Discussed the transference of intellectual property rights, art assets, and mark ownership to the Moe Serifu Circle, as the current owner is Rebecca. Noted that this would have to be put on hold until after the organization was formed.

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